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Reciprocating Saw Attachments

Since its invention in 1951, the reciprocating saw (also known as the jigsaw or Sawzall) has served a single purpose. With Muscle Tool Products LLC, it’s now become five times more useful.

Our jigsaw attachment tools make the reciprocating saw an incredible all-purpose tool for cleaning, scrubbing, paint stripping, rust removal, and more. Each of our products features a smart design and a robust build, offering an easy user experience and years of heavy-duty durability.

Save the elbow grease. Harness the power of Muscle Tools instead!

Curious about how our tools work? Be sure to check out our video demonstrating their use!


A Complete Range of Sawzall Attachment Tools

We founded our company to meet the local demand for a simpler, smarter way to strip paint and remove rust on construction job sites. Enter our first two products: the Flat Brush and the V-shaped Brush.

Designed to clean large surface areas, the Flat Brush is a versatile instrument for tackling even the most stubborn dirt and grime. Because the motor of reciprocating saw powers it, it can save you hours—even days!—of tough, tiresome cleaning.

Our V-shaped Brush is specially designed to clean hard-to-reach spaces, such as 90-degree angles. It’s narrow wire bristles make it the perfect tool for removing rust from steel girders, welded metals, and other angled surfaces.

Since the success of our first two inventions, we’ve expanded our selection to offer even more variety and utility. In addition to the Flat Brush and the V-shaped Brush, our inventory now includes:

  • The Grout Muscle Attachment—For simple, easy tile cleaning and grout removal
  • The Chisel Muscle Attachment—For quick and painless surface scraping
  • The Rat Tail File—For smoothing out wood or metal surfaces
  • The Sand Muscle Attachment—For an even easier sanding experience!

Smart Attachment Tool Designs for Easy Use

With Muscle Tool Products LLC, using your reciprocating saw has never been easier. Our tools feature a simple, intuitive design and follow a one-step installation process. All you need to do. Attach the device just as you would a blade for your saw. It’s that simple.

Thanks to the ingenuity of their design, our attachment tools fit all standard corded and cordless reciprocating saws. No need to worry about countless adapters for different brands of saws. With Muscle Tool Products LLC, you can bet your purchase will fit whatever kind of jigsaw you have in your toolkit.

Attachment Tools for Jigsaw: Outstanding Results, Unbeatable Durability

Ease-of-use is not the only thing our power tool attachments have going for them. What sets them apart from comparable products is their incredible build quality. Each is crafted with precision and patience, made from premium-quality materials to ensure a long lifespan. Tough and rugged, they’re built to last. You’ll be able to count on your Muscle Tool for years to come.

The Cleaning Potential of Our Jigsaw Muscle Tools

  • Remove Rust
  • Strip Paint
  • Get Rid of Gunk, Grime, and Grout
  • Sand Down Surfaces
  • …and more!